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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Oh How I Miss You My Sweet Abigail

Oddly enough, Oprah said something slightly remarkable today. She spoke about how she and her staff have been stopping every day to pray for President Elect, Obama. Of course such a thing is quite noble and should be continued. For decades I too pray for our leaders, and none more than our new president & his staff. What was remarkable was not that Oprah & her staff pray for our new leaders, but that she made very apparent that she & her staff didn't pray for our old ones. I couldn't help but think that maybe chucklehead George the Second wouldn't have been such a lowly foolish president if more folks like Oprah would have prayed for him more.

Nevertheless, it's a great era for African Americans. I'm very proud for them (for us) even though I still think the unborn are THE MOST vulnerable and THE MOST abused & neglected of any other human population in our nation or in the world. My heart breaks for the unborn and how expendable they've become in the eyes of politics, medical ethics, and lifestyle choices.

It's not PC to be pro-life--I get it. We're just hicks & hillbillies when it comes to thinking the unborn should have equal rights. I guess it just makes me so sad for all the babies who have become so expendable, all in the name of "free choice" and political "correctness."

In less than thirty days my own unborn child would be turning five. She was born dead---no birth certificate; no death certificate; no certificate of stillbirth. Our Governor Richardson veto'd the stillbirth bill claiming that to pass the bill would be a gateway to fraud. My head spins like Linda Blair. Apparently my dead child was ruled criminal even in her lifeless birth.

Yep, ButtHead Bill--Democrat Extrordinaire--determined that my daughter's lifeless birth was not worthy of any type of certification. And though the Round House passed the bill, our governor vetoed the bill and ruled my dead-born daughter to be non-existent in the state in which she was birthed & buried. Only the hole she occupies at the cemetery knows she ever lived.

Yes I'm thrilled for Black America--it's a long time coming. But I'm terribly bereaved by the lifeless scream of my dead-born child. I'm bereaved by all the other lifeless screams that will never matter to either Democrat or Republican. My heart aches for those like my daughters who never got any choices at all...

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

God Help Us All

I can't say that I'm thrilled, but I can extend best wishes to the new president elect. Of course, it falls to him to come through on all his promises for change; so naturally, I'm expecting remarkable things. After all, he promised, right?
All I know is after all the hooey and mud-slinging, there better be the positive change that he swore by. I'm remarkably sceptical, but we shall see where we are next year.

And in the end, none was so gracious as Sen. McCain in his concession speech. What an honorable man. Mr. Obama will have to do a LOT of work to fill Mr. McCain's shoes. And goodness knows there's a LOT of work that needs to be done.

As for me, I'm not all that political in the first place, so let the Democrats have their day. My only concern is for the unborn children, and who am I kidding thinking that we'll ever see protection for them. All I can do is give the babies over to God and trust that HE will judge and impose sentence accordingly.

It's my belief that if God doesn't convict & sentence the World for our vile crimes against children, then He puts Himself in a position for having to apologize to Sodom & Gomorrah--and that will never happen; such an apology is NOT necessary. Thus, it's only a matter of time before we too know their fate.

I think we've become a wicked nation. I think the values of this nation express godlessness to the umpteenth. I think the election results confirm the wickedness of our hearts, and our children will ultimately pay the price--but unfortunately, they too are being raised up to value godlessness.
I say, let the godless have their day. They'll eventually be shown the Light. The question is, will they have time to repent? I fear for them; I fear for us all...

One thing about this particular election that's disappointed me to Heaven & Back; that which has crushed my spirit into dust... in all my years voting in general elections, I have never ever had people who had the determination to call me "friend" acutally go out of their way to make me feel so belittled for my Right to Life values. I've learned the hard way that pro-abortionists lean toward ruthlessness, and they have little respect for anyone with an opposing pro-life idealogy, and they clearly have no compassion for the unborn--it would appear to be all about cash & convenience.

So I just want to say that:


And to those "friends" who have belittled me for my choices over who to vote for in light of all I've given to the grave--
--to those "friends" who've insulted me & my choice of candidates given my steadfastness in favor of the unborn; especially for my own unborn & dead children--
--to those same "friends" who have claimed to be "supportive" & "caring" of me & my grief; such a remarkable grief that has accompanied the burial of my babies--
--All I have to say to those "friends" is that I've learned the hard way that most of them don't have a snippet's clue about the vast darkness of living through baby death and even fewer understand what it means to have no choice at all. I'm just so glad it's over...

May the Lord return quickly....

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