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Friday, June 13, 2008

Missing My Little Junebug

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As the heat of June settles in, I feel her in the air. I'm taken back to her 2-month check up when she too had her shots. She didn't even cry. She just had this startled look on her face. I was so proud of her.

We showed her off around the hospital where her pediatrican, obgyn, and NICU family knew her well. And then we took her out to a little neighborhood kitchen for Mexican food when we were done. She sat in her car carrier and dozed while dh and I had dinner.

We stopped at the Walgreen's to pick up a replacement Rx for her heart medicine since hospice had taken the other one. There was also an Rx to help with her constipated tummy.

It was a few moments when I let my guard down, and for a fleeting fragment of time I let myself believe that I got to keep her. To my dismay, only a few hours later she was dead in my arms. It caught us completely off guard. Once again our frail illusions were shattered.

I was such a zombie through the rest of that summer. We've not been back to that neighborhood kitchen since that day--there's been no reason to go all the way across town in that direction.

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As the heat of the season starts to bear down, I'm reminded of that
overpowering sense of suffocating anguish
--gasping & flailing through the heavy darkness;
--grappling with how I'd make it;
--groaning under such incredible weight of sorrow...
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I miss her like crazy--all the coos she made; the beginnings of purposed smiles; and omgosh the grand strides she embarked on as she sought to be in control of her own head. I miss how the crook of my arm would get hot & sweaty from holding her so long--how her unruly hair would get matted and damp.

Yes, she was so very sweet. And I said it the day after she died and I'll say it again, "I have no idea what I'll do without her." I guess I'm still trying to figure that out...

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