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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Miss Mia Wallace é uma Ebony!

for some reason at the upload & group links that usually embed with a flickr posting aren't showing up. I want the original poster to get due credit, so her link is here:

if you follow the upload links to Madame Mix's group post, she includes a fun clip from Pulp Fiction; the Youtube link is here:

Pulp Reality

Mia é fogo!, originally uploaded by ***MADAME MIX***.

I saw this foto in my Blythe group on flickr. It made me think of playing Mafia Wars--entertainment based on gore & power. For me, this Blythe is sorta like my alter ego. She's a mask that portrays the bizarre pulp REALITY that's been the crazy novel of my life. Personally, I'm more the Grosse Point Blank sorta girl. If you've not seen that movie, you absolutely have to.

Anyway, if life hadn't already been wacked enough, I get into this facebook thing a few months ago... oy; it's been like this wacked out class reunion that's taken me back into the fantasy land of my college youth. I'm confronted with redefining who I am, where I've been, and where I'm going as I head toward 50. It's been surreal riding the white water rapids of this crazy mid-life story of mine.

So what can I say but that God has carried me through it as "on eagle's wings." Come visit my facebook fan page at

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Truth be told, I've really been missing my treasures in heaven quite a lot the last many days. The seasons are changing;
such bittersweetness;
what astonishing love that somehow seems blighted.
It's rather like an early frost that takes the last remaining rosebuds.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Almost Full, originally uploaded by Nutz McAlister.