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Saturday, October 11, 2008

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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Oh, The Frustration

As a Republican, I never was much of a Hillary supporter, but she certainly had my vote over this Obama fella. And now that Sarah Palin has joined the race, the whole campaign has become nothing but misogyny and sexism. I hear Mrs. Palin referred to as "The Skirt" or "Skirts"
---OMG, but why don't we just put her on a pin-up poster and tack her to the wall in the men's room?

And oh my goodness, but it's so distressing to hear all the pink on pink slander. We complain about politics being a good old boys club that needs to be changed. Girls, you don't actually think that Obama/Biden are going to be that "change" do you??? Fools.

I'm sorry but it seems to me that it's been the men that have screwed this country up; maybe it's about time the girls had a hand in cleaning it up.

Think about it. Queen Elizabeth I was the greatest monarch the world has ever known. Queen Victoria's reign brought Western Civilization into even greater prosperity than the Golden Age of Elizabeth. And goodness knows the height to where we've advanced during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Israel too has known great political leadership at the hands of a woman.

No boys, it's not about IF we can run the country. It's about when you'll actually put your frail little egos aside and let us contribute--equally; without the skirt jokes or menstrual harassment or slurs against us as mothers.

The video post above only reconfirms what I's suspected all along: men are merely teenage bra-snappers pretending to have ethics and intelligence. In reality it's just spit wads and loogie spitting contests. I hate to say this, but I hope Obama does win--this country deserves him.

Sarah Palin is more of a hero to me now than ever before
--you go Girl!!!