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Monday, August 17, 2009

Abigail's Graveyard Rabbit

Abigail's Graveyard Rabbit, originally uploaded by 2QTsInHeaven.

I'm part of a cemetery group called Graveyard Rabbits. I think it's wonderful that Abigail has her very own graveyard bunny. He's a sweet little guy that we catch sitting on her grave stone quite frequently.

Sadly, the lovely guara butterfly plant they made us remove. It was rather disheartening since we get so little of our middle child. The blossoms were spectacular, and thankfully I got lots of pix. To say that I hate having my children in the graveyard would be a tremendous understatement. Thanks to the miserable grounds keepers, I've come to loathe summer in a very big way! I can't wait for lawn season to be over.

Thankfully, my boys are doing better--acting more like responsible men than uber jackasses. Ben did a remarkable job passing the ASVAB and drug screen for the Army. But then when it came time for the physical, he didn't do well. They wanted him to drop a few pounds and then they'd re-exam him sometime in October. In all honesty, I was proud that he got that far. Since he was homeschooled they made his minimum score on the ASVAB a 51 whereas regular high school grads only have to score a 30. Ben scored a 59. Plus, I had to put together a whole portfolio of all our educational endeavors/achievements, etc. Talk about a lot of dog & pony tricks. But he passed his exam, got off the drugs, and has actually been working on improving his attitude. Then when the Army put him on hold, he went to Walmart and came home with a job! We're not entirely out of the woods with this kid, but we can at least see daylight again. By the grace of God, we keep on keeping on...